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Let us help you eliminate clutter! 

We'll take pretty much anything safe, functioning and salable

.....and give you a receipt for tax purposes!


antiques, collectibles, foreign currency (NEW this year!), jewelry, musical instruments, furniture, baby/children's furniture, lawn furniture, lawn mowers & snow blowers, lawn and garden tools, hand tools, wood-working tools, construction tools,electronics, stereo equipment, turntables, speakers, computers (newer than Pentium III), flat screen TVs, cell phones, CD's, DVD's, records, sporting goods, bikes, trikes & scooters, books, toys & games, housewares, lamps & linens, area rugs (up to 11x13), dishes & decorative items, paintings, pictures, holiday items and knick knacks.

OK, so here is the fine print:

Everything we accept from you has to go somewhere - a new owner, redonated to charities, or unfortunately to the dump. As a result, we are sure that you can understand that we cannot accept broken items or unsalable items.

We CAN accept LIMITED amounts of the following,but only after prior discussion. Please call 203-656-1830 ext. 3 and leave a message if you have such an item.

  • Pianos
  • Large appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, washers
  • Excercise machines, weight sets, benches and excercise bikes
  • Large commercial air conditioners (we accept smaller 110 volt functioning window units)
  • Sofas
  • Adding machines & fax machines


For BOAT donations:

please contact Rich Wood at 203 919-1700 or

For CAR or MOTORCYCLE donations:

please contact Jay Shutts at 203 655-8700 or


While we appreciate your generosity, for safety, health and disposal cost reasons we are 

PROHIBITED FROM ACCEPTING the following items:

  • Hazardous materials - paints, chemicals, gasoline, insecticides, fertilizers, yard and plant chemicals, kerosene, photo chemicals, oil and household cleaners.
  • Propane tanks
  • Mattresses, box springs, cribs, car seats, sofa beds and large sofas
  • Venetian blinds and drapery rods
  • Rugs larger than 11' x 13'
  • Magazines and encyclopedias (although we gladly accept hardcover books that can be used in libraries)
  • Construction materials including doors, windows, cabinets, sinks, toilets
  • Clothing including shoes and boots
  • Steel office furniture
  • Computers and video monitors older than Pentium III processors
  • Floor model stereo equipment
  • Large console TVs, TV armoires and TV cabinets
  • Basketball nets and ski equipment
  • Typewriters
  • Tires more than 7 year old (the last two digits of the serial number are generally the year of manufacture

Our customers range from high end antiques dealers, to residents just looking for a deal, to folks for whom an inexpensive piece of furniture can make a real difference in their lives. Help us, help others and the environment by recycling your unwanted items into new homes. Thanks for your generosity!

In all cases, we reserve the right to REFUSE items for any reason. 

Remember, we are all volunteers.